Operation Christmas Child

Mission Project 2018 – Get Involved Here

Operation Christmas Child

This year Life Church will participate in Operation Christmas Child, a program of Samaritans Purse. We will be packing and sending shoebox gifts—filled with fun toys, school supplies and hygiene items—to be delivered to children in need around the world to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way. For many of these children, the gift-filled shoebox is the first gift they have ever received. We have set a goal of 500 boxes!

What can you do?

Pray – Be praying for the project and our goal. May the Lord help us fulfill our desire to send these gifts across the world.

Shop – Shopping for these children is a privilege. We get to shop for items these children would not normally have access to. Be sure to involve your children in the process. Guide them in purchasing items appropriate to the recipients.

Support Financially – Maybe you would rather give a financial gift. We will very likely need to supplement items for the boxes. We will also give any monies not used for gifts to support shipping the boxes to their destination. OCC has determined it take $ 9.00 per box for delivery.


For additional information about the program, you can read a Fact Sheet for Operation Christmas Child. – View 2018 O.C.C. Fact Sheet

Important Dates for the Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Campaign

  • All Church Packing Party & Thanksgiving Celebration
    Sunday, November 18, 2018
  • National Collection Week
    November 12 – 19, 2018
  • Volunteer Opportunities
    DFW Distribution Center – TBA

** Watch for additional opportunities to get together to pray, organize, work on craft items and prep for packing.
** Want to receive regular email updates with information, ideas, and updates? To sign up, send your email to: missions@lifechurchdfw.com, with OCC Update in the subject line. You will be added to the email list for this project.

You Can Start Now

By starting early, we will have much of what we need to pack our boxes in time for the All Church Packing Party – Sunday, November 18, 2018.

We will pack boxes for boys and girls in three age groups:

OCC Age Groups

Need ideas for your gifts? Check out Monthly Themes following. Watch for updated in the weekly Life Church email and/or sign up for the special OCC email list above**.

Start by Adding Items from the Suggested Monthly Themes to Your Regular Shopping

View Year-Round Gift Ideas

MAY – We have collected a significant number of the hygiene items.  Our goal it to put a washcloth, soap, and toothbrush in every box. While we are well on the way, we still need soap and toothbrushes. Watch the weekly email newsletter for updates.

JUNE – Lets start collecting our gifts of toys.  We will need stuffed toys, dolls, deflated soccer balls/pumps, skipping ropes. Want to shop for the older children – especially boys? Think about small tools – screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, flashlights. 

JULY – Watch for clothing items on sale for end of summer. T-shirts, shorts, dresses, flip-flops, sandals & socks.  Use the ages of 2 through 15 to guide sizing. Looking for ideas for the older children? Think about looking for youth sizes. For older girls, ask about information about putting a sewing kit together with fabric, pins, and thread.

AUGUST – Definitely the month for school supplies.  Watch for the promotions from the big box stores where items like pencils, eraser, sharpeners, notebooks & paper are on ‘super sale.’

SEPTEMBER –  Time to add some items for filler.  This will be smaller toys, balls, puzzles, Slinkys. – items that will add more surprise to the boxes.

OCTOBER – It won’t really be a mystery month.  Rather, it will be the month we take a good inventory to see what items we still need to complete the boxes.Be sure to watch the Life Church weekly e-news for up to date information.

NOVEMBER – If you and your family want to track boxes you pack, you will be able to go online and create a label with a tracking process that will email you when and where your box gets delivered. GIVE HERE

DECEMBER – The heavy work will be done. It will be time for us to pray for the children who are receiving the boxes and those delivering them on our behalf.

Remember, if you would rather, we can do the shopping for you.  You are most welcome to make a gift along with your tithe & offering.  Be sure to clearly mark it clearly for Operation Christmas Child.

Thank you for the interest and enthusiasm you have already shown as we have launched Operation Christmas Child.  May our gifts and efforts be honored as the Lord blessings His children around the world!

-Life Church Mission Team