Dayna Woskie

Dayna Woskie BIODayna Woskie

Where did I come from: Outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Yes, I am a Yankee!

Family Info: Married 12 years to my wonderful husband, Nathan. 2 kids: Garrett & Lauryn.

Things I can’t live without: God, my family, and friends

Favorite Foods: Pizza and Chicken Parmesan

Favorite Scripture: Jer. 29:11

Favorite Activities: Spending time with others, traveling.

Favorite Sport: Volleyball

Hobbies:  Reading (That’s about the only hobby I can squeeze in these days!)

Favorite Family Tradition: Enjoying meals together as a family

You may not know this about me: I have visited 46 states and 4 continents. Would love to visit all 50 states and 6 continents.

Goal: To know that I have made a positive impact for Christ with others.