What To Expect

Our heart and vision is to make LIFEchurch a place to experience life to its fullest – to celebrate life’s wins, find comfort in life’s difficulties, and to discover answers to life’s questions. Everyone who attends our service hears an interesting and relevant biblically based message of hope presented in a manner that everyone can understand, regardless of what your church background may be.

At 9:30 am

  • A casual, welcoming environment.
  • Friendly people who will help you find your way around.
  • People who are discovering who God is and what He has for their lives.


At 10:30 am

  • a worship service that has:
  • Great worship music and
  • An honest, relevant, and biblically based message that is easy to understand and applicable to your life.
  • And during all of this, there are fun, age appropriate activities for your kids.


You may be wondering what to expect when you walk through our doors. First, there will be friendly people (with name tags) that will greet you, answer any questions you may have, and help you and your family get to where you need to go.

If you have children, you will be shown where to check them in so they can participate in fun, age appropriate activities designed especially for them. Our children’s safety is a top priority; all of our workers have passed state and federal background checks. Your child will be assigned a number and tag when you drop them off and you will be required to provide this information when picking them up after service. In case we need to get in touch with you during the service, your assigned number will appear on the screens located in the sanctuary.

When entering the sanctuary, you will be handed a bulletin which will tell you what is happening at the church. You will notice there is a “Communication Card” which is a wonderful way for us to learn a little more about each other (this is important later!). You will also notice that we have a laid back environment – everyone is dress comfortably, wearing anything from “business casual” to blue jeans, tennis shoes, and t-shirts.

We start the service with music (just a note – we’ve been blessed with a terrific worship team!) to set the mood for the morning. Afterwards, a couple of announcements are made then we take up an offering. Listen – you are our guests so feel no pressure to give. Our regular members and attendees will put their contributions into the buckets to help support the church, our outreach to the community and missions. Then our Pastor (or another speaker) will share their message which will be Bible based and relevant to our 21st century lives. The service will typically end about 80 – 90 minutes after it begins (guess what – it goes quickly!) then we will dismiss.

The Pastor and his wife will be at the back of the sanctuary at the end of service. They would love to meet you to give you a little “thank you” for visiting our family. Remember the Communication Card in the bulletin? If you would, please complete one and give it to the Pastor when you talk with him at the end of service.

That’s it! We hope you stop by and visit with us this Sunday.